The savvy business owner knows that in today’s market, cash flow in your business is vital for business sustainability

If you have a commercial or industrial property and would like to get a cash injection into your business or downsize, we can assist by helping you:

  • Sell your property: Auction or Sale and Lease Back
  • Alternative Premises – assist you finding alternative premises
  • Renegotiate Your Lease – If you are on a long lease, let us see if we can renegotiate your rental/lease terms
  • Buy suitable property

We can also assist in these great opportunities which include:

The owner of a property sells real estate, and then leases it back from the buyer


  • Cash Flow Boost – can provide businesses with a significant cash flow boost.
  • Negotiated Rental – Sell and Leaseback at a negotiated rental
  • Unlock Capital that’s currently tied up in commercial property
  • Finance expansion – purchase new plant equipment, or invest in new business opportunities.
  • Reduce debt and improve the company’s balance sheet
  • Reduce Tax – seller/lessee’s business income tax liability caused by the appreciation in value (land only) of its corporate real estate assets.
  • Tax Deductions – rental on property is fully tax deductible.

The owner of a property sells real estate, and then leases it back from the buyer

  • Better Prices – Achieve a better price where good demand exists
  • Creating demand – where no demand exists
  • No broker commission – is paid by the Seller
  • Focused Approach – Auctions have been proven to be the most effective way in securing a result for the seller in the shortest possible time
  • Intense Marketing – the Auction marketing campaign is short, effective and intense, giving the highest exposure to the market and creating a deadline for buyers; therefore, ensuring a result within a period of 4-5 weeks.
  • Massive Exposure – the increased exposure a property receives in the powerful marketing campaign ensures as many prospective buyers as possible are made aware of a specific property.
  • Unconditional Sale – when selling at Auction, the sale is immediately unconditional; the buyer cannot pull out of the contract and it is sold on the seller’s terms– this gives the Seller greater ‘peace of mind’.

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